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Sun Java JRE 1.2.x

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creekwriter Security Patch or Fix
Member 4th Feb, 2010 19:03
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I do not wish to delete the Sun Java JRE file as it may effect the program in which it is located. What can I do? What are the ramifications of ignoring, other than the obvious possible security risk?

It is being used in a computer game - Myst URU.

mogs RE: Security Patch or Fix
Member 4th Feb, 2010 21:34
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Revouninstaller does a good job. Scans before uninstalling. Would likely warn you if you were gonna complicate matters by doing so.It also scans afterwards to make sure removal is clean.
It's got other very handy tools included....Junk File Cleaner...even after I've run my security-related cleaner and CCleaner and Disc Cleanup; it will invariably find some OLD crap.
Might be worth considering.

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Maurice Joyce RE: Security Patch or Fix
Handling Contributor 4th Feb, 2010 23:45
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If U think your programme will not work there is no need to uninstall version JAVA versions run side by side with no problems.

U have stated U are aware of the risks of running a vulnerable/End Of Life programme.

With that in mind I would leave it intact & enjoy your game.

22:39 04/02/2010


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