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Pondpaul Secunia PSI world map
Member 6th Feb, 2010 00:09
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I am puzzled by 2 conflicting statements

it says your secunia system score of 100% is 4% higher than the average user for England United kingdom

underneath it says

Compared with users without the secunia psi your secunia system is 85% worse

so from the first statement it is 100%
from the second it is far better to be without secunia PSI as I can improve by 85% so should I unistall this

TiMow RE: Secunia PSI world map
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This problem was reported by another member on 29/01.

Open this link to that thread to see the "Secunia Official" reply:

It appears the problem is with them, and not you, and they`re trying to fix it.

Secunia PSI is beneficial in enabling you to keep your software up to date, therefore minimising the risks and security threats to your system, that are out there in cyber space. I wouldn`t consider uninstalling it, over a minor issue.

What is important, is that you run it in Advanced mode (top right of PSI page), and deal with any problems showing in Insecure and End of Life tabs, and then your score will look after itself, immaterial of what the software tells you about the score.


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Hannagj RE: Secunia PSI world map
Member 6th Feb, 2010 17:19
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@ pondpaul
I think the 4% higher secure from other users in UK means that other users in your country are less secure than you, and the other 85% worse
than the other users from all over the world that don't use PSI.
If you open the map and select your continent you will see your country
between those listed and you can see the scores reported for your country and you will be able to compare it with other country's.
Maybe that will clear your question.
I hope my answer will be for some help.


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thedillpickl RE: Secunia PSI world map
Contributor 6th Feb, 2010 22:04
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Hi Pondpaul;

They are correct. It seems PSI's last update to v. has a typo in it for some users. Much better to ignore the typo than insecure programs.



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Anthony Wells RE: Secunia PSI world map
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FWIW this is an old bug which seems to have reappeared , which Secunia will fix as and when it finds time ; it is of no consequence : the base line for @pondpaul's location would likely be 85% without PSI and for a 100% PSI score user it should be reporting 15% better .


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