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bpsec09 Downloading patch
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Why did Secunia download a patch for a program I removed from the system sometime back?

Anthony Wells RE: Downloading patch
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You will need to post a lot more info , most of which is only really available from PSI , for you to receive a specific/detailed answer . Which programme and what patch would do for starters ??

Secunia does not download a patch unless you ask it to do so .

If it has found a programme which needs patching then that programme is almost certainly on your computer.



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This user no longer exists RE: Downloading patch
Member 22nd Feb, 2010 09:36
Last edited on 22nd Feb, 2010 09:37 Hi,

(Not to ignore your reply Anthony, but)
The PSI will never, under any circumstance, download any patches without user approval. The Secunia PSI only tries to help show vulnerabilities, and frequently try to provide solutions.

Clicking the Solution button, installing the update, and rescanning should hopefully solve your problem.

The PSI may well the detecting software you think you removed, though. If you hover your mouse over the software entry, you should see the Installation Path to the file the PSI is detecting as insecure.

Hope this helps.
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