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UDLSS10Secunia Secunia checking WinZip
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When I ran Secunia Software Inspector on 2/9/09, for the first time it flagged WinZip 9.0 SR-1 (6224) with the following message:

This installation of WinZip 9.x is insecure and potentially exposes your system to security threats!

The detected version installed on your system is 9.0 SR-1 (6224), however, the latest patched version released by the vendor, fixing one or more vulnerabilities, is 14.x.

Question 1: Is 9.0 really insecure or is this a canned message which appears for any back level program?

Question 2: Why did Secunia decide to start checking WinZip? 9.0 has been back level for years.

Problem: The download provided by Secunia is WinZip 14.0 but this results in a trial copy which can only be activated by paying more money (I think about $30).

At a minimum the Secunia download message should warn the user that if they upgrade they will have to pay money.

Can anybody give me an honest answer to my question above, i.e. is WinZip 9.0 really insecure?


ddmarshall RE: Secunia checking WinZip
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Secunia lists two vulnerabilities in WinZip 9.0

These are fixed in SR-1

I suppose the answer is that nobody knows if it's secure because nobody has been looking. It's unlikely that virus writers have been targeting it.

You could virus check files before processing them with WinZip.

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UDLSS10Secunia RE: Secunia checking WinZip
Member 11th Feb, 2010 19:51
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Thanks for the excellent link which describes the two WinZip potential problems. Since I already have the SR-1 upgrade, I'm comfortable with sticking with WinZip 9.0 and see no reason to upgrade to 14.x.

Running the basic Secunia scan on my computer gives results for 14 programs, all of which are free except for WinZip.

Since the Secunia scan of WinZip is new (I've run the program for over a year and WinZip just appeared for the first time this week), I strongly suggest that Secunia add a comment that the WinZip upgrade is not free.


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Anthony Wells RE: Secunia checking WinZip
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Hello Dave ,

It sounds as if you are using OSI which chacks a limited number of programmes compared to PSI .

In psi you would see if Secunia will show WinZip 9 in the "insecure" or "end of life" section and the relevant Secunia Advisory .

Secunia only report the "vulnerabilty" status , they are not an update checker and have no interest if you have to pay for your programme or not .

There are several other threads dealing with these points :-

when the same thing happened with v 8x

If my link does not work , click on the pale blue link "WinZip" at the top left of this page and you will see the threads .

Hope this helps


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