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terrypixel Adobe Flash Player 9.x
Member 17th Feb, 2010 05:16
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I have a new laptop Win7 32-bit, with Adobe Photoshop CS4. I am not a techy type person. Secunia has constantly reminded me to resolve this threat and I have ignored it as when I brought it in, it was very complicated and my tech guy didn't know why it wanted me to install it when I already had, he said, Flash 10. I looked for Flash 10 and couldn't find anything. However, tonight Secunia wanted me to install Flash 10x which I did and it installed very easily and quickly. The 9x was huge and had a lot of files to unzip. When I extracted them all and then clicked on the application file to install all I got was a blank screen.

Point is I would like Secunia to drop it. I don't think I actually need 9x. Sorry if I am so stupid. I am a creative! Thank you, Terry Ellis.

I did do a rescan and it dropped the 10x but not the pesky 9x.

TiMow RE: Adobe Flash Player 9.x
Dedicated Contributor 17th Feb, 2010 08:28
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Hello Terry

I cant give you advice re. Photoshop CS4, but can offer a possible solution to Flash.

Always with Adobe there is a set procedure everytime there is an update.

I have "lifted" the following from a reply I made to a similar thread yesterday.


The latest versions are:

Adobe Flash Player 10.x ..... (ActiveX), for IE, and (NPAPI) for other browsers (eg Firefox).

It may be, that even if you have the latests version, there are still parts of the old version(s) remaining. You must uninstall Flash every time before you update, using an Adobe uninstall download.

It is probably best to start again. Download and run Adobe uninstall Flash from here:

Re-boot and re-scan PSI to ensure nothing of flash remains.

Download and install latest version:

You may have to install the latest version 2x. Once using IE, and once using another browser (if you use multiple browsers).

Re-boot and re-scan PSI one more time, and hopefully this will do it.



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Lugnaquilla RE: Adobe Flash Player 9.x
Member 17th Feb, 2010 10:43
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Thanks for that!

I followed your suggestion (uninstall with Adobe Uninstaller/re-install latest version) and now the Secunia scan doesn't detect Adobe Flash player as a threat.

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Anthony Wells RE: Adobe Flash Player 9.x
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Hello terrypixel ,

At the top of the all threads page is a search facility ; select "programs" in the menu next to the "search" button ; select "Adobe" in the vendor menu and then your product :eg: Photoshop CS4 and see what threads ars shown . You might want to check CS3 or two as well . You will need to do some digging and cross-threading .

If I remember correctly , there is a workaround where you install the "up to date" Flash 10x file (found in the Macromed folder) into/replacing the Flash 9x file in the exact location it is found in Photoshop .

Have you tried running the "update" link found in the "help" menu in your Photoshop programme ??

If your "techie" friend is still around , you may need her/his help ; creative may not be enough :((

Best of luck.

PS :As a new member of the forum , to help resolve your problem , here are some instructions to help you first of all get the best out of PSI :-

1)use PSI in "advanced" mode ;
2)in the "settings" tab make sure that the box in the first/upper section is NOT ticked in order to have the maximum info available ;
3)tell us in which "tab(s)" your problem programme is located ;
4)in that tab , click on the + in the box at the left end of the programme , the page will expand ;
5)in the expanded page , tell us what is written in the "installation path" ;
6)in the "toolbox" section , lower down , the link "technical details" should confirm the installation path details ;
7)click on the link "open folder" and you will see more details concerning the location of the "problem" .

Posting these details will help the Forum help you , if/when you have a problem .

[b]For example [b/], is the problem on your main drive or a back up drive or in an installatoin folder , etc. ; location wil affect vulnerability !!

PPS: This tread is from today , does it help you ?? :-


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