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TiMow Firefox now insecure.
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Following the recent Secunia Advisory relating to Open 3., I initiated a fresh scan, as due to the absence of version/build numbers, I wanted to see if it applied to the latest update. Apparently it doesn`t and I have no insecurities......

.....until I looked under "Secure Browsing" tab -- Firefox 3.6 is now shrouded in red as cat.4 threat, as of today - SA38608 refers.

Looks like its back to Chrome for the time being.

Oh, .... and more user friendly colours/graphics on web pages. I hope user profile and logins are also better.

Safe(ish) surfing to you all.


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irishfeat RE: Firefox now insecure.
Member 19th Feb, 2010 07:12
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Same problem, but I read this in the forum...

and it says to update to version 3.5.8 , but I have version 3.6. I just uninstalled Chrome since it's still Beta, and they keep having problems to update. Whatever problem Secunia thinks Firefox has, they usually come up with a fix promptly.
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Pink_Freud RE: Firefox now insecure.
Member 19th Feb, 2010 12:13
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The link you posted was for vulnerabilities & patches for versions 3.0.15 and 3.5.4. :

1) Affected Software

* Mozilla Firefox 3.0.15 and 3.5.4.

NOTE: Other versions may also be affected.
5) Solution

Update to version 3.0.18 or 3.5.8.

Version 3.6 was reported as vulnerable (cat 4) & unpatched by Secunia 2/18/10. I have not seen this (v3.6 vulnerability) confirmed by Mozilla as of yet.
I had recently updated to 3.6 & found it still a bit "buggy". With V3.6 listed as a highly critical & unpatched I decided that while it was bad enough that I am FORCED to have 1 INSECURE unpatched browser (Internet ExPLODEr), having 2 definitely was at least 1 too many.

My solution? Uninstall FF 3.6 & re-install 3.5.8, which PSI reports as patched & secure.:

Update to version 3.0.18 or 3.5.8.

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Anthony Wells RE: Firefox now insecure.
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Hello Irishfeat ,

The latest Chrome version is a stable release and works very well for me ; it has a "no solution vulnerability" just like IE and Ff v 3.6. Chrome is rated the least severe .

M$ have no visible intention of patching IE ; Google and Mozilla are likely to react fairly soon (cross fingers:)) .

The only problem with Chrome updates is that they leave te previous/old version folder behind (I have no exact idea why) , so you need a manual delete which is simple to accomplish .

There are Beta and Dev Channel releases for the braver amongst us :)

Going back to v3.0.18 or 3.5.8 of Ff as suggested by Pink_Freud would seem a good compromise for now ; no browser is safe if you wander the web with poor surfing practices .

Take care


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