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metaed Install of update needed a little help
Member 19th Feb, 2010 17:16
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In response to Secunia Advisory SA38547 of 12-Feb-2010, I installed the latest Adobe Flash Player 10, which was version

I know Flash installs tend to leave old versions around, and that it has helped previously to exit Secunia PSI, along with browsers and anything else that might use Flash. Therefore I exited PSI before the install.

After the install, I ran PSI and rescanned Flash. PSI reported the new version as installed and patched, and still reported the old version installed and unpatched. It turned out Flash10d.ocx was not removed when Flash10e.ocx was installed.

I manually deleted Flash10d.ocx from C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash and rescanned, and that solved the problem.

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Anthony Wells RE: Install of update needed a little help
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Hello metaed ,

All things being variable , a reboot is "sometimes" needed to remove the .ocx before PSI is reloaded and run .

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