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stratos XP PRO 64 bit insecure?
Member 21st Feb, 2010 21:37
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I had to reload my OS the other day and now I'm getting an insecure program warning from secunia that just says This program is insecure. The direct link of course takes me to the Microsoft update page as it always does for all windows incecurity issues. It never is actually a direct link like in other programs. I've repeatedly run express and custom scans for any available updates and there aren't any. Under path it says N/A so I have no idea what the insecurity is or how to fix it. I had the program running up until about two months ago and I bought Windows 7 and have been using it ever since. For reasons not worth explaining, I had to reload XP Pro 64 bit and of course went through about 80 or so updates, not to mention reinstalling tons of software. Why am I getting this insecurity warning now when I didn't get it before. Since secunia claims there's a fix, I'd love to know what it is. Microsoft might be interested in it also. If anyone knows what I can do, please tell me because I'm out of ideas and it's a cat. 4 threat.

thedillpickl RE: XP PRO 64 bit insecure?
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Hi stratos;

You said, "Under path it says N/A...", are you looking for the Installation Path in Technical details, in the Toolbox? Windows components won't show up like regular programs & the Open Folder icon will be grayed out.

If you click on the "Online References" icon there is a link to a Secunia Advisory about this. There you would find MS KB#'s and a Technet bulletin:

MS10-013 (KB977935, KB977914, KB975560):

Hope this helps;


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