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rjohansson Installing and scanning advices from Secunia
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This text is to provide you with some guidelines and assistance in installing the Secunia CSI 4.0. I will address the following questions:

1. Where do I install the CSI?
2. What scanning method should I use?
3. Starting the CSI.
4. Adding Trusted site.
5. Setup and usage guide.

1. Secunia recommend installing the Secunia CSI 4.0 on a workstation (XP, Vista or 7). There is no need to install it on a server. What is important is that you from your Secunia CSI workstation have access to your WSUS server and domain controller. You need admin right to both of them since you need to upload the 3rd party packages and also do some GPO settings.

2. When scanning your network Secunia always recommend using the Agent based scanning (Download CSI Agent-menu). You install the Secunia CSI agent on your hosts and then you can configure each agent trough the Secunia CSI GUI. It leave almost no fingerprint on the local system and does not force you to change your security settings that you might have been forced to do if you were doing remote scanning.

3. Remember to right click the Secunia CSI icon and choose "Run as administrator" when starting the Secunia CSI 4.0 on Vista, Windows 7 and 2008 servers.

4. In some cases you need to add the site to your trusted site. Right click Internet Explorer and select "Run as administrator. Then got to Internet Options and add the site to your trusted site list.

5. The setup and usage guide can be downloaded form this location:
Note that this link may change for future versions.

For further support please contact Secunias Customer Support Center using or create a new thread in this community to share the information with your fellow beta testers.

Stay Secure!

Rickard Johansson
Senior Solutions Specialist

Secunia Support

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