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Etain Shockwave for Fire Fox Director
Member 23rd Feb, 2010 18:37
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I just ran a plug-in check on my newly updated FireFox 3.6 and it showed my

Shockwave for Director
Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.5

was outdated. Since I ran a Secunia PSI scan five days ago and updated my Adobe stuff, using the uninstaller to remove all shockwaves from my system before reinstalling new versions, I was surprised.

So I ran a Secunia scan, and as I suspected this particular vulnerability doesn't show up on the scan.

When I downloaded the patch from the FF Plugin check page (that comes up automatically when you search for updates on plugins), it didn't work... After a restart the plugin page still showed this Director for Netscape shockwave was out of date. My regular Shockwave Flash FF plugin shows up to date, and Secunia confirms that one.

I'd appreciate any input from those who have thoughts or experiences with this issue.

[Vista SP2]

Anthony Wells RE: Shockwave for Fire Fox Director
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Hello Etain ,

I have the same situation ; AFAIK/can see the Ff checker is not readin all the numbers available due to the lay out of the listing and shows orangey ; it fails to detect other plug-ins at all , even though all the numbers are there in plug-ins they don't seem to be in the right place .

My Shockwave plug-in shows version 11 .5.6.606 immediately after the name , but only 11.5. in the line below .

PSI confirms that 11 .5.6.606 is "secure" .

If you have time , you might want to take this up with Mozilla .

Take care



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Etain RE: Shockwave for Fire Fox Director
Member 23rd Feb, 2010 19:09
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Hello Anthony and thank you for the helpful reply.

I've the same plugin version as you and it does indeed appear Mozilla is not scanning all the numbers going by the design.

I was wondering as far as Secunia is concerned because I hadn't noticed updating a this particular Shockwave before; but in the end, I'll happily rely more on the whole Secunia scan and the fact you've helped me confirm I've the latest version.

All the best,
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