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dieta Secunia PSI: unsafe software
Member 28th Feb, 2010 00:24
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Secunia PSI told me -> unsafe software so I cancelled it in the software-register.
But after an new scan that "unsafe tool", Secunia made a new complaint.
I did't understand. There was no part from that bad software.

Pls let me have an an swer


thedillpickl RE: Secunia PSI: unsafe software
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Hi dieta;

If not already, please run PSI in Advanced Mode.

To do this click on the PSI icon, in the system tray, to open the interface. In the top right corner, is "SIMPLE" blue in color and "ADVANCED" black? If not, click on "ADVANCED".

Click on the "Insecure" tab, Click on the [+] to the left of the program in question.

In the "Toolbox" click on the "Technical details" icon. Listed under "Version Detected:" it shows the old version PSI is reporting. The "Installation Path" is where PSI is finding the old stuff.

To go there, click on the "Open Folder" icon. This will open the folder where the old file(s) is(are).

Please post back with the program name, version detected and installation path.

If instructions above are unclear or hard to read let me know.



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