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scupperyak adobe flash installation
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Just joined and found information extremely helpful from Maurice re:removing old version and installing newest Adobe Flash for IE. I also use netscape and occassionally Firefox. Do you have to uninstall Adobe from each web browser separately and if I do it for Netscape will it remove it from newly installed IE? ALso had to change security settings to default in IE for it to install. How to I reset it to what I had???Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!

thedillpickl RE: adobe flash installation
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Hi Scupperyak;

The Adobe uninstaller will remove all of Flash, even the new, if installed. You must close all programs that use Flash (like PSI) before running the uninstaller.

Then go to the Adobe site .

The ActiveX add-on is for IE, I forget the other one. You browser will prompt you to download when you need it. All will be good as long as Flash is downloaded OK.



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