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Secunia does not seem to recognize the fact that I am running even after uninstalling the program with and reinstalling it I cannot get it to be free of the security threat that it seems to have. Secunia is referring to it as I was told by Support com's technician that when I restarted my computer after my fresh reinstall of the program of Secunia would clear it. This did not happen. I have tried to do what is suggested by Secunia to no avail. When I do a rescan it is the same story. Secunia says that the program is still insecure. I do not know where to go with the problem. Please can anyone offer some help. Thank you, Delores
P.S. I am running Windows XP service pack 3 - I do not know how to find the path where the program is deteccted.
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Member 2nd Mar, 2010 23:37
Make sure PSI is set to ADVANCED mode then click on Insecure then look for Insecure Programs then click on + then look for Installation Path of the insecure file.

End PSI and download uninstall_flash_player.exe:

Close all browser sessions then run uninstall_flash_player.exe then reboot the system to remove locked files.

Install Adobe Flash player: <== make sure you un-select the Free Google Toolbar if you do not want it.

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Hi Delores & welcome to the Forum

Please check out the link provided-I'm pretty sure your solution is here:

Regards, wr

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