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CountryGuy Access to Other PCs Vulnerabilities
Member 4th Mar, 2010 17:58
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Hello! First of all, thank you for putting a product like this on the market (and free for home users)... Its a huge gap in PC security that needs to be filled - Antivirus can only do so much when your software is vulnerable!

I have several PCs around the house, and my daughter is away at college with her laptop. Her antivirus sends me an email with any alerts it picks up, so I can keep an eye on the PC while she's at school. Is there any possible means of getting the vulnerability information on a PC when a scan is run?

I understand the information isn't stored locally, but on Secunia's servers. As the account I set up her PC with is the same as the one on all of my home PCs, is it possible to access that information with my credentials?

She's not going to look at the application, no matter how often I tell her to heed those warnings :)

This user no longer exists RE: Access to Other PCs Vulnerabilities
Member 5th Mar, 2010 08:52

No, this is not possible with the PSI. The CSI - our Commercial Software inspector - has these features, but the PSI, aimed at regular home users, does not. The PSI intends to help most single-PC home users patch their machines, nothing more, nothing less.

Hope this helps.
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