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CraigS0726 Install, Re-Boot Solves Some Issues
Member 5th Mar, 2010 02:06
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XP SP3 Media Ctr/ ESET ESS V4 AV-FW Suite/ Both SuperAS & Malwarebytes are Real-time (I Disable them when running PSI) / .......................

In chasing the Scan/Repeating Re-Scan problem some had I Uninstalled & Re-Installed several times. In the process I incurred 1.5 minute Scans Vs. the normal 4.5 min, and the Date of Last Scan would never change after I ran multiple, Manual Scans. Scans Start on Step 2, and I've watched Step 4 become Step 7 Vs. 5,6,7, which involve the OS and patches Checks.

After the last Re-Install I did a Re-Boot and the Last Scan Date Changes and the first Scan ran 4 minutes. I just did a Scan and it only ran 2 minutes with Step 4 skipping to 7 again.

The point of this was to brag on Re-Booting after Any Install, but I hope someone can answer if the Short Scan Time and Steps Skipped somehow are OK, or part of another issue.

This user no longer exists RE: Install, Re-Boot Solves Some Issues
Member 5th Mar, 2010 09:11

You need to make sure your system date is set correctly. An incorrectly set system date can confuse the PSI into thinking that the "next" scan (always scheduled for a week after the last) is now.

Hope this helps.
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