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chrispok5 Scan comes on while on computer
Member 5th Mar, 2010 03:07
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Is there some way to have the scan during the middle of the night when I'm in bed and not using my computer. I'm getting sick and tired of this f-bombing b.s. of where this scan comes on it slows down my computer and it takes forever for what I was trying to do.

wr RE: Scan comes on while on computer
Contributor 5th Mar, 2010 05:47
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Hi chrispok5 & welcome to the Forum

The PSI scan is automatically set for every 7 days plus the
difference in time zones. You didn't fill out a Profile so I
don't know your location. I'll give you an example using my time
zone which is US Eastern. My last scan was on 4March2010 09:24
my next scheduled scan is 11March2010 15:24--7 days + 6hours.
The 6 hrs. is the difference between my time zone & that of Secunia.

To change the time of your scan just do a full manual scan & the PSI scanner should reset itself.

Hope this helps.

Regards, wr

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This user no longer exists RE: Scan comes on while on computer
Member 5th Mar, 2010 10:34

As wr correctly remarked, the PSI auto-scans each week. It would usually be a good idea to scan more than once a week, though, as new patches are rolled out on a day-to-day basis. The Secunia PSI, however, does not support scheduled scans. That is a feature of the Secunia CSI - Commercial Software Inspector - intended for enterprise customers.

A little "trick", though, if you wish to run the weekly scheduled scan at night, is to scan at a very late hour. The PSI scans a ahead from that scan, so you could technically target it at a late time.

Hope this helps.
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