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This user no longer exists PSI searches ignored drives
Member 15th Mar, 2010 23:43
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I have set up two ignore rules for two external USB drives I connect.
The rules are "D:\" and "E:\".

If I perform a scan, item from those drives do not appear in the results, but they are searches anyway. They are rather large (500 GB each) and this makes the scan much longer to take than it would if just scanning the internal drive.

Why are ignored folders scanned?

PSI version on Windows XP Pro SP3


Dwarden RE: PSI searches ignored drives
Member 16th Mar, 2010 02:34
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this Secunia PSI bug is unfixed for years and Secunia team is 'ignoring' this issue and repeated reports on it ...

obivously they think it's logical to search thru TBs of backup data on drives users explicitly wishing to be ignored ...
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thedillpickl RE: PSI searches ignored drives
Contributor 16th Mar, 2010 03:55
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Hi David;

I know a technical answer is what your looking for, sorry.

My thought is to remove the drives, do a manual scan, reconnect the drives. PSI scans once a week and tells when the next scheduled scan is.

If your unwilling to pull the plug to do a scan, start a manual scan before going to bed.



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wr RE: PSI searches ignored drives
Contributor 16th Mar, 2010 18:27
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Hi all,

Found this old post: date 9March2009 14:38


I think i need to explain how the ignore rule works.

The ignore rule is a display filter that kicks in AFTER the scans and the results are ready to be displayed to the user. The ignore rule filters the Insecure programs affected by the rule, so the PSI does not detect them as "Insecure"

Therefore the PSI will still scan all drives, folders, etc."

Kind regards,

Morten Hansen
Secunia PSI Support

In other words by default the results aren't displayed. As Fred
suggested if you don't want the drive scanned it
must be disconnected or if that's not acceptable manually do your scans
at a time you're not at the computer.

Hope this helps.

Regards, wr

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