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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Thunderbird
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There are some open security advisories by Secunia for Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0.
The version appeared this week with security fixes.
Secunia advisories didn't get updated.
Are the fixed vulnerabilities irrelevant for advisories?

TiMow RE: Thunderbird
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The latest Thunderbird, I have installed is 3.0.3

I`m guessing all versions previous to this, still have security or other issues (plus the need for some improvements), hence the requirement to update to the current build.

That is why, the answer to your last question is "no", because the advisories still stand for 2.x


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This user no longer exists RE: Thunderbird
Member 22nd Mar, 2010 09:40

The lastest secure Thunderbird - according to Secunia rules - is Are you getting a false positive, or getting a lower version that this flagged as secure?
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