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Apple Safari 4.x

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wilnlori Apple Safari 4.x
Member 21st Mar, 2010 14:54
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I keep getting a insecre program warning for Apple Safari 4.x. I have done the repair twice, rescaned the comp and the threat is still there. Beginning to wonder if Secunia is the problem and not the Apple Safari. Also I get the message that " we were unable to place you on the worldwide map, for comparison, yet I have done that twice and rebooted comp. I must be doing something wrong and do I really need this program.
Thank you


RE: Apple Safari 4.x
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TiMow RE: Apple Safari 4.x
Dedicated Contributor 21st Mar, 2010 18:02
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Hi wilnlori

I`m unfamiliar with (don`t use) Safari, but there`s a good chance that although you`ve updated to the solution / latest version, that the old version file is still left on your computer as an insecure file for PSI to find and report (as is the case with IE and Chrome).

You should use PSI in Advanced mode (top right of page) - if you`re not and do change - don`t be put off by the box that appears, and check OK.

If Safari is showing under the Insecure tab (Advanced mode interface), you should click on "[+]" on left side to expand (you can also do this under Patched tab).

This will show Toolbox icons - click on Open Folder to take you to the location of this insecure Safari file.

If you see both the new version file, and the old version file, then click to highlight the old version, right click, then delete.

Now re-boot and re-scan PSI.

Re. World map problem - all I can suggest, is to make sure you have completed all the required fields (marked with a *) and chosen from the location list, under the Secunia Profile tab - then "save profile". Then right click Secunia tray icon (bottom right of screen), and try "Reload Interface".

I, and many others, believe that the home user is more secure with the information provided by PSI, so I would always recommend its use, as a means of keeping programs, extensions, add-ons, etc. patched and up to date.


If the above doesn`t work then open the following forum link for more info., as there is a Secunia advisory relating to Safari.

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john t. jones RE: Apple Safari 4.x
Member 28th Mar, 2010 11:43
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yes, I have tried downloading this but my security blocks it because of the threat so I want to just remove it or delete it to clear it out.
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Maurice Joyce RE: Apple Safari 4.x
Handling Contributor 28th Mar, 2010 19:34
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@TiMow's post above should have helped U.

Is Safari not showing in Control Panel>add/remove?

What is the path to the problem?


To locate the exact file that the Secunia PSI has detected, use or switch to the ADVANCED interface, then :

1 Click on the + sign of the programme to "expand' it.
2 Click on Technical Details in the Toolbox to see the installation path of the detected file. (Copy (CTRL+C) & paste (CTRL+V) the Installation Path of the file back to the Forum if U are unsure what to do next.


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