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wess12 Adobe site without images!!
Member 21st Mar, 2010 15:55
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When I go to this Adobe site:

to download some air applications, I don't see any images on this page. This started after I had installed the latest versions of flash player and shockwave applications! Strange thing to see ONLY Adobe site without any images and not any other site ! I'm wondering if this has something to do with the player and shockwave installations or is it just the site is being prepared? If someone can try to access it and let me know, I appreciate it.

I have tried it on IE 8 and on Chrome 4.x, same thing happening.
It is just this page and not the home page of Adobe.

Vista Home Premium

This user no longer exists RE: Adobe site without images!!
Member 22nd Mar, 2010 09:16

While you are of course free to ask any question on this forum, I strongly suggest you ask it on the adobe forum, as your chances of getting an answer are rather larger if the question asked is on-topic, so to say.

Best of luck!
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