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Secunia PSI is reporting in the Secure Browsing tab that Firefox is insecure (Ref: Secunia Advisory SA38608) but it is not listed as insecure in the 'Insecure' tab.

Is Mozilla Firefox 3.6.0 insecure? (as of 21/03/2010)

EDIT: Apologies; I see this has already been raised:

I would question the wisdom of the categorisation though. If a program has a vulnerability but no patch is available then it is by definition insecure. Now if the 'Insecure' tab was named 'Unpatched' then I would understand why it would be excluded from the list due to the lack of a patch/upgrade.

As it is I have been assuming that there was no known issues with the applications I have installed. Clearly this was not the case. :(

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Member 22nd Mar, 2010 09:14

The categorization is provided for several reasons. We normally don't show vulnerabilities the user can't do anything about, but browsers are a special case, as you are exposed to the internet (and thus risk) constantly when using a browser. The Secure Browsing tab is needed, then, to help you access which browsers are safe using.

hope this helps.
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