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Ithaki One SOLUTION to PSI hangs at checking network connectivity
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I was dealing with a computer that had this issue. None of the solutions in this forum were working.

I happened to stumble upon the solution, at least for this computer. It had Internet Explorer's Content Advisor enabled. Once I disabled it, PSI worked.

I tested this on another computer. Enabling Content Advisor repeated the problem.

I tried to allow in Content Advisor by clicking on the "Settings" button/entering my Content Advisor password/clicking on the Approved Sites tab/Adding http://* and https://* to the approved list. This did not work. Disabling Content Advisor did.

To disable Content Advisor:

Start/Control Panel/ Internet Options/Content tab, or open Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options/Content tab

Click on the "Disable" button if it's there. If you see an "Enable" button, then Content Advisor is not enabled, so look for another solution.

thedillpickl RE: One SOLUTION to PSI hangs at checking network connectivity
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Hi Ithaki;

Good job! I believe you are correct, this particular solution doesn't come to mind as being previously submitted.

I couldn't help but tinker around a little. If you do Enable the Content Advisor, click on the "Ratings" tab. Under the "Select a category...", toward the bottom is "User-generated Content". If you click it and move the slider all the way to the right that category becomes "Unrestricted". Then you must "Apply" your choice and create a password, etc. (which I did not do).

This was the only category, that pertained to the Secunia site, I saw.

This was looked at on XP. I can't say how it is on Vista or Win7. Also I did not test, so no proof of theory exists. Just playing.



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