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johnnylee1945 Opera 10.51 build 3315
Member 23rd Mar, 2010 09:01
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Hello all...Opera 10.51 updated today (3-22-2010) On my desktop eMachines, WinXP-SP3 , everything went smooth...PSI said no problems, the little ballon popped up and said it detected 10.50 being removed. But on my HP Laptop, intel dual core 64bit, Win Vista 64bit, PSI says Opera 10.x is still "insecure". I have re-installed 10.51 three times, scanned program and system three times, still PSI says Opera is still "insecure". It still shows Opera as ver... 10.50.3296.0 Is there a 'bug' with PSI on a 64 bit machine? HELP

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johnnylee1945 RE: Opera 10.51 build 3315
Member 23rd Mar, 2010 09:33
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My bad.... awhile back I had Opera 9.x and 10.50 both installed, so I just uninstalled the old stuff with revo uninstaller, and presto PSI took care of it! Alles ist in ortung yetz!
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TiMow RE: Opera 10.51 build 3315
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Hi johnnylee1945

Unfortunately, I neither use Opera or Vista 64 bit. BUT, the following is often the case when updating some browsers, and could also be the route of your problem, here. It`s quick and easy to check - if you haven't already.

Although on your XP m/c all was OK, it could be that on the Vista one, the old Opera file was left behind and not overwritten - which is what PSI is finding and reporting as insecure.

Using Advanced mode (top right of PSI page), if the old Opera version is showing under the Insecure tab, click [+] on left to expand (if not here, then find it under patched tab).

In the toolbox icons, choose "Open Folder", to go to file location. If you see version numbers for both old and new, you can delete the old - highlight > right click > delete.

Then re-boot and rescan PSI if required - check the PSI tray icon to see if it recognises the changes.

If this isn't the case, then your original suspicions, may have to be further investigated.


Our replies crossed. Glad all OK.

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