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moobler Continuous scan bug
Member 29th Mar, 2010 06:08
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I was out of town and the computer was off during the last scheduled time for a PSI scan. Unfortunately, when I turned the computer on tonight I was greeted with an unstoppable torrent of scans. As soon as it finishes one, it starts a new one up right away (it never changed the date of the last scan). I had to close the program to stop the popups ("Your system score is 98%!") and to regain my resources.

Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't seem to help, but manually deleting the psi.inf file appears to have solved the problem.

Occurred in PSI v1.5.0.1 on Windows 7 x64

This user no longer exists RE: Continuous scan bug
Member 29th Mar, 2010 09:43

This problem is most likely caused by an incorrectly set system clock. Please make sure you system clock is set accurately.

hope this helps.
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paulfield RE: Continuous scan bug
Member 30th Mar, 2010 19:43
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I'm not sure where moobler is, but I'm in the UK and this problem also hit my machine. Given the comment about time settings its worth noting that we've just gone through the automatic change to daylights savings which seems to be when it started. I've just forced a manual time update and now all seems well

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