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Jonny109 patch program but not leaving the securtiy thret pannel
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Hi all,

I attempted to patch two vulnerabilities:

1. Adobe Flash Player
2. Macromedia Flash Player 7

After installing the adobe flash player update it is still there. I also know that the Macromedia Flash Player is discontinued but how do I remove it? I have also rescanned he PC after applying the patch bt it still comes up with these two vulnerabilities. Can anybody help?

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TiMow RE: patch program but not leaving the securtiy thret pannel
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Hi Jonny

Try this.

I've cut and pasted from something I've given as a reply in the past to solve this issue. I haven't edited it, so some you may already know, and some you may not require.


The latest versions are:

Adobe Flash Player 10.x ..... (ActiveX), for IE, and (NPAPI) for other browsers (eg Firefox).

It may be, that even if you have the latests version, there are still parts of the old version(s) remaining. You must uninstall Flash every time before you update, using an Adobe uninstall download.

It is probably best to start again. Download and run Adobe uninstall Flash from here:

Re-boot and re-scan PSI to ensure nothing of flash remains.

Download and install latest version:

You have to install the latest version 2x. Once using IE, and once using another browser (if you use multiple browsers).

Re-boot and re-scan PSI one more time, and hopefully this will do it.

One further thing to add: close all programs that use flash, before starting - this includes PSI. Right click on the tray icon (bottom right of screen) and exit here. Even if you don't use IE - PSI does - and you need flash (ActiveX) to be installed on IE, if you want to see the graphics on the PSI page.



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