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This user no longer exists Updating does not take effect
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I'm about to discontinue using Seconia because when I download programs that need patching it does not take effect.

mogs RE: Updating does not take effect
Member 22nd Apr, 2010 20:37
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So it's your first and last post or a cry for help ?! You may have been using Secunia for a while, but you havn't tried switching to Advanced mode yet ? There's lots of threads to read on here 'bout Adobe and people who've succeeded in sorting it out. Generally, the more information you can provide, the better.
Tho' you may have updated...often old files and versions get left behind, that Secunia still detects, even if in the Recycle bin.
If you click on the + sign alongside an entry/insecurity, it will expand to reveal Tech on that and it will expose the file path. You can include that in your next post.
Try to be as specific as you can be about your problem, and I'm sure you'll find more help. Regards

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