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krw Sun Java 6 Update 20
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PSI does not see Java version properly. Java 6 Update 20 is version installed. PSI still views as Java 6 Update 19 which was completely removed from system before installing update 20. Again, for a program offering critical information it is wrong far too often!


TiMow RE: Sun Java 6 Update 20
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Hi krw

I had a similar problem and posted the following thread at the beginning of this week - it's a bit long winded and intended only as a reference, if required:

The long and short of it is that I wasted a lot of time uninstalling, reinstalling old versions and letting them self-update.

The only difference with your issue is that PSI is reporting u.19. You should look in add/remove to check that u.20 is correctly installed, then open folder option from toolbox for u.19, and delete the file. Alternatively some users recommend both Revouninstaller or Javara to completely remove traces of old Java - I have, as of yet, not used either.

What finally solved my problem was to uninstall PSI v. from add/remove and fresh install v.

If like me, you are still using the older version, you should try this, as Secunia were fiddling around (updating) PSI, last Fri., about the time I updated Java.

Hope this helps, and saves you a bit of time.


EDIT: PSI only correctly reported Java (for me) after a reboot and re-scan.

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