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py126 PSI not able to corrent threat
Member 23rd Apr, 2010 18:28
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I finished my scan and ended up having to update a few programs. I click the button for solution but I get this message, "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded." What settings is it talking about?

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taffy078 RE: PSI not able to corrent threat
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Hi, PY126. Welcome to the best place on the planet to get help. (I'm a user, not an employee by the way!)

I can't help you but I'm sure a teccie will be along shortly.

It will help them help you if you could in the meantime list the programs you are having problems with, and what your security software is eg Norton IS 2010. They may need more but at least this is a start.

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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gjjean RE: PSI not able to corrent threat
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@ PV
Could you provide us with your system OS ? so we can provide a correct answer to your problem.

Best regard.

PS: My response crossed with the one of Taffy. Sorry.

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