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wbdace Xp - home, SP3 question
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My computer is an eMachines T3304 using Win XP, SP2. I have hesitated to install SP3 because of problems were reported, especially with AMD processors.
My processor is an AMD Sempron. My question is, have the problems been solved and can I safely install SP3? I have installed all the other updates, but Secunia PSI still shows my system as insecure, this did not happen previously. Belarc Advisor reports that my Security Updates are complete and up to date.
I understand that MSFT will no longer support SP2 after July 15.

Maurice Joyce RE: Xp - home, SP3 question
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AMD problems were solved a long time ago. I service an AMD Sempron PC - it has had SP3 for a long time - no problems.

Hope this helps.


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ddmarshall RE: Xp - home, SP3 question
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Check that you have the latest drivers with manufacturers websites.

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