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QBALL263 Java JRE 1.6x/6.x
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I am brand new and just installed program and did first scan. Results said I had 3 Java JRE 1.6x/6.x programs bad, so clicked on solution, "downloaded and installed updates", re-scanned with same results. What gives?? Using Win7/32. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...

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wr RE: Java JRE 1.6x/6.x
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Hi QBALL263 & welcome to the Forum

I noticed in your post you didn't indicate a restart. With a Windoze
OS it's always best to restart to make sure all old files are deleted.
Please try a restart/rescan & see if that helps.

Regards, wr

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QBALL263 RE: Java JRE 1.6x/6.x
Member 27th Apr, 2010 00:49
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Thanks WR... restarted/rebooted system to no avail. Installed newest version of Java, and nothing...same results as before upon scan. Now what????
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