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taffy078 Sun Java JRE1.6/TM6
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Raining here so I'm updating my new laptop following a Secunia scan. I've sorted out the Adobe Flash/Reader problems it found, thanks to previous posts here, but now I'm stuck with this Java issue.

The Secunia scan refers to a problem with my Java JRE 1.6. I remembered that you don't have the "uninstal first' problem as with Adobe so I opened the list of Programs on my PC. This didn't show Java. So I searched and found the Java folder in Control Panel. This said I had should instal TM6, update 14 so I did. But it then said I already had it.

(1) Is TM6 the same as JRE 1.6? ***
(2) Why can't I update it?
(3) *** This is why I've posted this in Open, rather than Programs as I can't fing Java TM in Secunia 'search' list of program. I can't possibly be the first to 'discover' Java TM so have I missed something?
(4) shouldn't the Java program be in my laptop's "search" results too?
(5) Finally, -100 'relevant?' points for Microsoft. When I searched for the Java program, MS said a new edition of my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits was available. When I followed the link, it was an upsell, for more money! I thought it was an update.

I hope this makes sense! Ah well - at least I don't have to mow the lawns!

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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Maurice Joyce RE: Sun Java JRE1.6/TM6
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I assume U are only trying to uninstall/install the 32 Bit Java?

1. Uninstall the whole lot. Run a full PSI scan. All gone?

2. Now install Java(TM) 6 Update 20.

Remember U do not require Java for Windows to work. It is an addon so if U do not require it do not reinstall.


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