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Google Picasa 3.x

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eldgtk1 Google Picasa 3.x
Member 5th May, 2010 01:33
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It is up to date, but PSI still shows it Insecure. I quit using PSI for a while because after I went to WIN 7 64 bit it showed almost all Microsoft Office Insecure. That is now working, now it is Picasa.

It shows Picasa's version as and Picasa shows 3.60 build 105.61,0 and up to date.

TiMow RE: Google Picasa 3.x
Dedicated Contributor 5th May, 2010 07:29
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Hi eldgtk1

In the first instance, this could be worth a try,especially if you've just gone back to using PSI.

Within the last 3 weeks Secunia have carried out some major maintenance on PSI, which has caused a few irregular problems, for different users.

What has been a cure for a multitude of problems, is to un- and re- install PSI.

If, as an established user, you still have v. installed, then by removing this from add/remove and re-installing v. (not a required update, but just language additions), could well solve your problem. Even if you have the latest version, this option can still be tried, in order to reset the scanner.

If this doesn't work, then it's probably a case of following back the file path of what's showing as insecure, to see if there are any remnants of previous versions still left on your PC, which PSI could be flagging as insecure.


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eldgtk1 RE: Google Picasa 3.x
Member 5th May, 2010 17:09
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I have the latest version of PSI, but my computer had two Picasas. One under the \Program Files\ and one under \Program Files (x86)\ (the former is suppose to be for 64 bit programs and the latter for 32bit programs). It was the former one that was the problem. I deleted \Program Files\Picasa... from my computer and it took care of the problem. Even though Picasa is suppose to be a 64bit program, so some way or the other I ended up with two installs.

I did not check the path until after I had written this in the forum. I had had so many false insecures that I did not even bother to check the path listed.

Sorry about that! It was not a problem with the software, but the hard-head setting in the chair that was haywire.

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