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mckvack Filemon and Regmon end-of-life
Member 6th May, 2010 10:04
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Why is it impossible to add End-of-Life programs to the Ignore List?
The programs will never be updated, and i use them sometimes.

When i rescan i just get,

No changes were detected with this program since the last scan. The program still appears to be End-of-Life.

Windows XP SP3

Anthony Wells RE: Filemon and Regmon end-of-life
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@mckvack ,

Are you still having a problem setting an "ignore rule" for an EOL programme ??

Using PSI in advanced mode look in the "EOL" tab : click the [+] at the left end of the programme in question ; in the expanded page you will see "Toolbox" with a set of "icons" : towards the right you will see one marked "ignore program" if you click on it it will offer to set the rule for you .

You will see the rule at the bottom of the "settings" tab (scroll down) : you can create your own rule there yourself , if you so wish , for an individual programme (follow the instructions carefully) or for a whole drive -as described here (by Maurice Joyce) :-

Hope this helps



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ddmarshall RE: Filemon and Regmon end-of-life
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I probably don't need to tell you that the functions of Filemon and Regmon are incorporated into Sysinternals Process Monitor, if you want to replace them.

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