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johnbbrookes I'm thinking of leaving
Member 11th May, 2010 11:18
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I have used PSI for years, came to trust it and rely on it, was proud to be 100% secure.

But recently it has become impossible to get that 100%, and PSI will not tell me why. It currently tells me my copy of XP SP3 is insecure, but Microsoft tell me there are no outstanding updates. It often tells me about potential security bugs that do not yet have patches - sometimes weeks before the patch comes out. To be honest, I do not want to know.

I am a small business, self employed, needing to make sure my network is fully patched. I only want to know about things I can fix. I am sure I am not alone in this.

You have paid services which should be warning security professionals about potential risks. This is the cheap and cheerful bit to give Joe Public that warm glow inside, not to tell him that he's going to lose all his work and there's nothing he can do about it.

So, thanks for all the reassurance in the past.


Anthony Wells RE: I'm thinking of leaving
Expert Contributor 11th May, 2010 16:17
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Hello John ,

There was a lot of work on Secunia servers a few weeks ago and many "different/unusual" problems showed up .

A "general" cure has been a clean uninstall and reinstall of PSI ; this may resolve your non 100% reading .

If other programmes show as insecure or EOL , if you need help "patching" them , what are they and where are they ("installation path") ??

Secunia's PSI is not "cheap and cheerful" , it is "free" and offers "professoinal" computer security information on software vulnerabilities to anyone who cares to look for it ; what you do with that advice is your own business : but I prefer to keep my PC clean from malware and that means knowing where the problems are and how to avoid them .

Personally , I consider PSI an important part of my security system ; I also consider prevention is infinitely less painful than treatment .

This Forum is (for the most part) "cheerful" :) , so we would be sorry to see you go :( and run the consequent risks (not so cheerful:(((

Mind how you go


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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L. C. Kip I'm thinking of leaving
Member 12th May, 2010 17:47
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You are right, Anthony! The solution you mentioned generally works OK as I experienced at several occasions. And uninstalling/reinstalling isn't difficult
or time consuming at all.

HP Pavilion Slimline S7220NL
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core
Vista Home Premium SP2, 32bit
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MaritimeRider RE: I'm thinking of leaving
Member 12th May, 2010 19:00
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Hi John and Anthony. Time for me is critical today so my intent was to
just check my status and close the program. That is until I read John's
posting. This issue should be addressed.I too had the same problem.
Briefly,I opened my computer, downloaded my updates, some of which
were windows'. did what work I had to do then restarted my computer.
I was surprised to find that I am showing two insecurities.- (1)live mail
and (2) Vista SP2. Here is where my time was wasted. My new updates
are installed thus correcting both of these. There was no insecurites,
yet Secunia responded in lag time. This is not the first time this occurred,
so I knew what had happened. It seems like I am in a race with my
software. Too efficient? Whatever the reason, when John posted, and I understand his frustration. he cannot post a pathway when all is secure.
Now I will do a full scan and see if my earlier actions were recognized
John, after you restarted your computer to finish your updates, do a scan with secunia and all should be well.
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gsmart RE: I'm thinking of leaving
Member 13th May, 2010 11:26
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Unless I am wrong Windows Livemail was updated yesterday Wed 12th May with two other security updates.

If you are getting Vista notices you are not using Vista so why worry.

Remember XP is now getting close to its UBD with W7 now. This could be one of the reasons for your concerns.

Totally remove Secunia, restart your computer then down load it to your desk top. This time turn of your firewall first before you download it and then install it.

Then do a restart again.

What you must remember this is a "Free" program.

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