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This user no longer exists Sun Java JRE 6x
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I've read the Threads on this issue and decided to uninstall Sun Java JRE 6x. I uninstalled Sun Java JRE 6x, re-scanned, re-booted, and Secunia PSI continues to list Sun Java JRE 6x as a Security Threat. Any idea what to do?

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wr RE: Sun Java JRE 6x
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To locate the exact file that the Secunia PSI has detected, use or switch to the ADVANCED interface, then :

1 Click on the + sign of the program to expand it.
2 Click on Technical Details in the Toolbox to see the installation path of the detected file. You can then right click & choose delete. Reboot & rescan to make sure
that all remnants have been removed.

Hope this helps.

Regards, wr

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