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dontknowsquat saving histories, etc.
Member 16th May, 2010 08:59
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Dell desktop
Windows XP Home SP3

Recently another program in a different user account has hijacked Secunia PSI, one other program, and a number of files. Secunia remains to be the only problem area.

This machine has been plagued with problems which I have been repairing one at a time. The details are too lengthy to address in this forum. It has taken me nearly five months to bring the machine back to proper operation, mainly because I wanted to learn how to repair it without performing a clean install of the operating system.

There are a few pros who are familiar with the issues on this machine and what has been done to repair it. Armed with that knowledge the prevailing recommendation is to remove, reboot and reinstall both Secunia PSI and the offending program. Their belief is that corrupted files or registries in the offending program have corrupted some files or registries related to Secunia.

My main reason for including this narrative is to prevent an ongoing dialog about what has been checked and/ or repaired.

I need assistance to find and save histories, settings, forum profile and log in details, etc. My desire is to add this information to the fresh install of Secunia PSI, and allow me to flawlessly continue to enjoy using Secunia.

Previous advice I have received in this forum has been spot on. I have every reason to believe that your guidance regarding the upcoming reinstall will be just as helpful.

Thanks in advance.

TiMow RE: saving histories, etc.
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Hi dontknowsquat

When I had cause to un- and re- install PSI to solve a Java problem, my profile information remained unchanged and not lost, after the new installation (also using XP SP3)

I cant say for certain, but it appears that PSI profile info. is stored separately, outside of the main program, much in the same way as browser history and profile info. - which is also not lost when updating/un- and re- installing.

As the action you are proposing has been advised and carried out by many users recently, to solve a variety of problems; I haven't once read of anyone having problems re. loss of user profile data.

I realise that this doesn't specifically address your question re. file location of PSI profile data (I cant say), but hope that it may help, until someone else (probably Secunia tomorrow), may be able to give a definitive answer.


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Anthony Wells RE: saving histories, etc.
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Hello dontknowsquat ,

As TiMow has experienced , I have never had a problem with my history , etc being lost .

This info from FAQ on registration seems to indicate that some/al of it is kept by Secunia until you "unsubsribe" :-

I do not know what is kept on your PC (if anything) , but a "clean" uninstall and reinstall has never given me a problem (other than one of the original Release Candidate versions - some years ago and not relevant) .

If you are unsure , wait and see what Secunia say on Monday when they are back working on PSI .

Hope this helps.


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dontknowsquat RE: saving histories, etc.
Member 17th May, 2010 04:29
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TiMow and Anthony Wells,

Thanks for your guidance.

I have successfully preformed the remove/ install operations on the offending program and Secunia PSI. Everything on Secunia appears to be just as if nothing has happened --- the flawless transition I was looking for.

FYI --- During the removal and install of the offending program, the suspicions of the pros were confirmed. The offending program (a suite) detected and offered to repair corrupted files and registries during removal. I declined and performed a clean install of the suite. --- just in case you have as curious a nature as I have --

Thanks for your spot on evaluation of my task.

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