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BettieSue Secunia Interface
Member 17th May, 2010 01:51
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Upon recent computer startup, secunia interface message states that "Please wait while network connectivity is verified." Secunia statup was automatic without this message until recently. Why the sudden verification message?


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taffy078 RE: Secunia Interface
Contributor 17th May, 2010 06:43
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Hi Betty Sue, and welcome to the most helpful site on earth!

This problem has been raised several times.

For a full list go here:

This is the most recent:

I suggest you have a look at these and try the solutions until a technical guy comes. Hoping this helps.

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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This user no longer exists RE: Secunia Interface
Member 17th May, 2010 09:14

Please also keep in mind that this problem is answered in the Secunia PSI FAQ, found here

Hope this helps.
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