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cliff.rigg How to install updates
Member 18th May, 2010 14:21
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Can I install Secunia updates over-the-top of existing versions or must I uninstall the old version before installing the new one?


Maurice Joyce RE: How to install updates
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If U are talking about PSI just install it.

If U mean any updates U are making as a result of a PSI scan that will depend on the vendor of the programme.


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TiMow RE: How to install updates
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A lot of updates overwrite/uninstall previous versions; however some (particularly some browsers) create a new file, leaving the old file. When this shows as an insecurity (by PSI), then it needs to manually deleted (after updating, for browsers).

As and when this occurs, if you need further advice, then post back here.

In the first instance, follow Maurice's advice above (which has just been edited).


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