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Designing security without security in mind...

Secunia Designing security without security in mind...
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Normally, we spend our time buried in deeply technical analyses of vulnerabilities, but that doesn't prevent us from enjoying the simple things in life like when a vendor designs a security feature completely without considering the "security" aspect of it.

thedillpickl RE: Designing security without security in mind...
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A very eye opening report. One would think that a company producing such an advanced device might have spent a few R&D dollars (or what have you) on this feature.

Security passwords have long been a point of contention. Risk Management wants the password to be no less than twenty three characters, a minimum of ten to be numbers or special characters. The user wants to use the password 'fluffy' because that's their cats name. So who's right?

Of course the first point of security would be to prevent access to the device physically. But things do seem to happen, don't they.

And Carsten, please stay away from my sensitive material!



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