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ddmarshall 404 Error
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Clicking on the Open Discussions link below 'This thread was submitted in the following forum:' results in a 404 error. It links to 'Open Discussions' instead of 'open_discussions' like the working links.


thedillpickl RE: 404 Error
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And on that page it has:

Did you mean to search the Secunia Advisory and Vulnerability database for the requested URL? Click here

When you "Click here" you get a bunch of nothing.

I wonder if Secunia is doing some work on the different thread groups and accidentally let this onto the 'online' forum server instead of the 'testbed' server?


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This user no longer exists RE: 404 Error
Member 25th May, 2010 08:56

I've forwarded your report to our developers, and it should be fixed shortly. Thank you for reporting this.
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