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sanderl Dutch translation issue
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The Dutch translation of the balloon tip string that tells the user that an insecure program has been removed is incorrectly shown. It says: "(CAT. ##CATEGORIE## DREIGING)". I think this is because the translators translated the variable between the ## into Dutch too.
(And there are more issues in the Dutch translation, mostly grammar issues, but I am not going to report them all)

This user no longer exists RE: Dutch translation issue
Secunia Official 26th May, 2010 13:14
Last edited on 26th May, 2010 13:16 Thank you for pointing out the possible improvements for the Dutch translation of the Secunia PSI. The translation is done on a volunteer basis by dedicated PSI-users and even though we are currently not in the process of adjusting the existing translations, we always welcome improvements.

You are most welcome to join our PSI-translators, and you will then eventually get the opportunity to make any adjustments to the Dutch translation that you find appropriate. If you are interested, please write to

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