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EloTalks Adobe SVG Viewer 3x
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PSI says Adobe SVG Viewer 3x has a vulnerability and has to be updated, but link to update takes me to Adobe site which says they no longer update this thing. I'm not techie enough, so here is my nubbie question: "If I delete it will this mess up anything in my computer?" I mean, do I have to have a replacement SVG viewer in order to run programs or the web or PDF programs?

ddmarshall RE: Adobe SVG Viewer 3x
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I don't think you will have any problems if you uninstall it.
Most browsers will handle SVG files without a plugin. Internet Explorer doesn't support them. It's supposed to be included in Internet Explorer 9. Websites should adjust to accommodate. Since there wasn't a post XP version of this program it's unlikely that anything requires it.
If you decide to uninstall it and you have problems, it is still available to down load on the Adobe website for you to reinstall it.

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TiMow RE: Adobe SVG Viewer 3x
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Evening Elo and ddm (I was hoping you may pick this up, whilst I was searching for a bit of info.)

You can look at the following threads that were posted about the time that Adobe support was discontinued.

(ignore the first)

One of the links provided in these threads may be of interest. (as follows):


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