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Daffid Black screen when booting problem
Member 31st May, 2010 20:28
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I have a problem concerning the booting of my computer.
When I start my computer the screen works and it starts it's loading with the usual Windows screen. The problem is tough that it goes black after that.
I have tried starting it up in Safemode and pretty much all the other settings after you pressed f8.
The only thing that happens when I enter safemode is that it starts writing commands all over the screen and then totaly freezes.
And with the other settings it either goes black again or also freezes.
I have been looking around the internet with another computer to find tips or hints how to solve it. But none really applies to my specific situation.
Is there any suggestions as towards to what I can do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Anthony Wells RE: Black screen when booting problem
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Hello Daffid ,

I think you need specialised help ; either a friendly technical person who can sit in front of your screen with you or perhaps a cry for help on a specialised website such as bleeping computer (since you have access on/from another computer) :-

or perhaps a more general site for brain storming :-



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ddmarshall RE: Black screen when booting problem
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As well as those sites I would suggest Microsoft Answers

Choose your operating system and put a question on the System Repair and Recovery Forum. They deal with this sort of problem all the time.

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