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cbeima Vulnerable JAVA version in CS5
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CS5 Design Premium installed 4 copies of the Java JRE - (2) v6.0.180.7 and (2) v6.0.160.1 in various Adobe directories.

The current version is so Secunia PSI gives me security warnings for the 4 copies installed by CS5.

Can I simply delete these directories since I have the latest version installed elsewhere on my system, or do I have to copy over the current version to each of these directories (and do that again every time there is a new Java)?

This user no longer exists RE: Vulnerable JAVA version in CS5
Secunia Official 1st Jun, 2010 13:54

Deleting files from a program will almost always certain functions or features.
Copying the Java files from the common used installation folder to replace the insecure files might also break something.

The best advice I can give you is to contact Adobe for either a patch or advice how to solve this issue.

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