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Rafael Martins UPDATE
Member 1st Jun, 2010 17:23
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I want to update my Secunia but I d'ont Know how to do it. Please help me

my email is Thanks Rafael Martins

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Member 1st Jun, 2010 17:43
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It's best not to include an e mail address in a post if you do not wish to fall prey to spam.
If you are referring to updating the psi program itself....go to and download from there. The older version will be removed automatically.
If you are having problems updating progs that psi has detected as being insecure....please post more info regarding to the forum. Regards

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Dedicated Contributor 1st Jun, 2010 18:15
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Hi Rafael

I created a new thread with your name on, in the hope that you would see it before a reply was made to this, and you lost the ability to edit your first post, (which happens after a reply is made) - to remove your e-mail address.

Tooooo late.

Here is what worked for me, as some had problems with secunia default of IE.

And I quote:

"1) Close PSI, using tray icon (bottom right toolbar) > right click icon > exit.

2) In Firefox (my choice; Chrome should also work), on any Secunia web page, select PSI from Products at top, then click blue download box.

3) Proceed as normal for download/installation (follow the wizard)

Only one minor glitch to report (probably impatience on my part):

When asked if I wanted to launch PSI and I checked OK the horizontal barber pole came to load interface (usual less than 10 secs message), but then the barbers pole froze and time passed well beyond 10 secs.

I then closed the window and re-launched from All programs in Start menu - still a bit of a delay, but the pole remained turning and PSI then opened as it should. Another slight delay for graphics to completely load, but after the initial scan completed, everything was as it should be."



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taffy078 RE: UPDATE
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and if you email, Raphael, they should be able to remove this thread for you, as they once did for me.

But make sure you keep a copy of the solutions first. Good luck.

EDIT: to remove space from Secunia email address

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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