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jwesleycooper Removing a service...
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How does one remove a service using services.msc in WinXP Pro, or any other Windows OS for that matter? I see no direct option to accomplish this...

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Anthony Wells RE: Removing a service...
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@jwesleycooper ,

I don't know if you know what you are doing or why you wish to do something with your services ; so at least take heed of the intro from this geek :-

Take extra care ,



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Maurice Joyce RE: Removing a service...
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U can get to services via Control Panel>Administrative Tools.

U can tinker with services but as @Anthony correctly points out be a bit careful.

The important bit is the default Windows set up. Some services are set at disable or Manual or Automatic by default.

If U wish to tinker I would note the setting before U start so U can reverse any changes if they go pear shaped.

There is a detailed explanation by each service & I am assume they are all currently set at default so U do get a very good idea of each service use.

Perhaps teaching "granny to suck eggs" if U are an experienced user but if not please use caution.


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