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Adobe Reader 9.x

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mbpool error 1402
Member 3rd Jun, 2010 02:28
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i try to update adobe and get this error message help

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mogs RE: error 1402
Member 3rd Jun, 2010 08:18
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If you go to the Programs section of the forum, and then enter Adobe in the Vendor box/field; followed by the version of the app. you seek help with, underneath; it will take you to many threads concerning, which you read/digest. Particularly....look for those written by Maurice Joyce.
If you still find no answer to your problem; post back to the forum with much more info about it....namely; prog. version you are having trouble with....whether you have switched to Advanced interface yet.....what operating system you are using...and any other details you think may be useful.
Troubles with Adobe are commonplace and often. Regards

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puget1 RE: error 1402
Member 3rd Jun, 2010 08:35
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Try this link:

Hope it helps it is direct from Adobe itself.

Windows 10 64bit

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