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online1329418 Adobe Viewer
Member 4th Jun, 2010 17:22
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Need to update Adobe SVGViewer 3 but where does one update from?
Must update this software because message from PSI is that this version is a security threat.
Running Windows 7 Pro.

Anthony Wells RE: Adobe Viewer
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Hello Ronald.E.W.Wadhams ,

If you click the "SVG Viewer" pale blue link on the right , just above the red heading to this/your thread you will get a list of threads dealing with this topic/problem .

I am sure you will find what you need there .

Take care


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TiMow RE: Adobe Viewer
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From about the beginning of the year, Adobe has stopped supporting SVG Viewer, and it is now regarded as end of life.

You need to follow Anthony's advice, above, and search some of the related threads for advice from those more in the know than I am, on this subject.


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