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fasteddie0747 email alerts.
Member 5th Jun, 2010 07:18
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I am getting multiple email alerts from Secunia and my scans are at 100% with no threats found. Why am I getting all these emails.
Is there any managing settings one has to program.


TiMow RE: email alerts.
Dedicated Contributor 5th Jun, 2010 07:48
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On the left (in the box), towards the bottom, you will see My Profile.
Click on this. Any of the boxes with a tick, can be unchecked, to stop receipt of alert e-mails.

When you start a thread, or post a reply, by default you also receive e-mail notification for each subsequent reply.
At the top of each thread (after logging on), is an option to unsubscribe to that thread and not receive further e-mails.


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