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idnny Zonealarm 5.5062.004 "End-of-life"?
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Hi. I'm using an older version of Zonealarm (version 5.5062.004). This morning, PSI reported that ZA was at it's "End-of-life." I checked ZA and it is still working like it should. Should I be concerned? What does "End-of-life" mean and how do I fix it? I know I can just "upgrade" to the latest version of ZA, I'm sure that would fix it. The thing is, I HAD the latest version of ZA installed, but uninstalled it because I was having problems with it. My friend suggested that I install v5.5062.004, so I did and it works great.

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mogs RE: Zonealarm 5.5062.004 "End-of-life"?
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" End of Life " means that the vendor has ceased support for that particular product. You'll need to choose an alternative. Regards

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thedillpickl RE: Zonealarm 5.5062.004 "End-of-life"?
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Hi idnny;

If I may add to what mogs has said, if the ZoneAlarm wasn't security software I would not be as concerned that you have a supported version. (This is the security software and not the firewall only, correct? If firewall only, see below.) End-of-Life programs receive no updates, revisions or support of any kind from the vendor. As far as they are concerned the product is dead & buried. That means no more lists of spyware & viruses from ZoneAlarm. This will quickly make the unsupported version of ZoneAlarm ineffective and leave your system vulnerable.

Good news is that you can reinstall the 'newer' version you had previously installed if you wrote the "Key Code" down when it was first installed. Just download a copy and when prompted, enter your old "Key Code". Without it you will have pay. You can download the free firewall here or go to Gizmo's site and try out free security software . He gives good advice and is not biased (read: not in anyones pocket).

If we can answer any more questions about this problem, please ask.



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